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Uh....that's not good. That's not good at all.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa All-American left tackle Brandon Scherff is undergoing surgery Tuesday morning, according to reports from Scott Westerberg of KCRG, the Cedar Rapids ABC affiliate:

This has yet to be confirmed by the usual sources.  If you're questioning a report by a relatively unknown sports producer from local television, Westerberg could have some inside information: Like Scherff, he's a Denison native and Denison High graduate.

There is no indication what surgery is being performed.  As Westerberg notes, Scherff briefly left Saturday's game against Ball State with an apparent right knee injury.  He walked to the locker room on his own power and returned to the game after one series.  After the game, Scherff told reporters his knee had simply 'locked up' and Ferentz said there was no sign of structural damage.  That would presumably rule out any ACL or MCL injury, barring a misdiagnosis on Saturday.  Of course, we do not yet have word on whether the reported surgery is related to Saturday's injury; it could literally be anything.

Redshirt freshman Ike Boettger filled in for Scherff during his examination Saturday, and would presumably be the starter in his assumed absence.  Iowa is not deep at tackle, and can ill afford a significant injury to either starter.

Kirk Ferentz takes to the podium this afternoon for his scheduled Tuesday press conference.  We expect to know more then, and we'll add to this story as it develops.

UPDATE: This would make sense: Scherff's reportedly having meniscus surgery.

That would put him on track to return for the Big Ten opener against Purdue or wait until after the bye week on October 4 and come back against Indiana.  Scherff, of course, doesn't think it will be that long.

And we're immediately reminded of the time that Scherff broke his leg (rather gruesomely) and showed no sign of pain as he was being carted off the field.  It would probably be dumb given his potential future in the NFL, but don't count him out for Pitt.