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It's an hour of Iowa football highlights. If you need me to tell you more than that, you're on the wrong blog.

This fine video comes to us courtesy of BHGP commenter sting2387, who put together this video and posted it today.

It's OVER AN HOUR LONG (!!!) and features highlights from the 1985 season through the 2013 season. I haven't had a chance to watch the full thing yet, but come on -- it's AN HOUR OF IOWA FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS. I am already enraptured.

In the first six minutes alone, I've seen Chuck Long's infamous bootleg, Rob Houghtlin's kick heard 'round the world, Marv Cook's game-winner against Ohio State, and some Tim Dwight punt return touchdowns. Bliss.

Even if you've seen these highlights before (and, duh, of course you have) they are absolutely worth watching again. So grab a beverage (or three) and settle in for the best hour of video you'll watch tonight.

Big thanks again to sting2387 for his excellent work here. You rock, sir.