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Bigger is better.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

A fun part of the Brandon Scherff story (is it a myth yet at this point?) is the fact that the giant 6-5, 315 lb. mountain of a man that has become one of the hottest left tackle prospects in America was a high school quarterback.  But for the most part we were just left to imagine what that was like.  Imagine no longer.  Our friends at MaxPreps have posted actual video highlights of Scherff playing QB:

As a passer, Scherff looks fine, but not particularly amazing.  As a short yardage option, though... dear god.  Granted, if Scherff is running the ball in a short yardage option, he's by definition not blocking on that play*, which is decidedly not ideal.  But it's still awfully fun to imagine the carnage that could ensue.

* Unless UIHC gets cracking on that cloning program...

Scherff himself seems open to the notion of using his full suite of talents, if just for a play or two:

Ferentz, for his part, laughed the notion off, which is not surprising: we're talking about a program where the most exciting offensive trick play of the last few seasons was probably a flea flicker.  But if only he would consider how magnificent it could be:

It's not as though throwing a pass to a tackle is a completely foreign concept to Iowa football: see Minnesota 2011. That game has been mostly forgotten because it was a close game that Iowa choked off in the final minutes (despite 252 rushing yards from Marcus Coker), but if Iowa had actually won the game and if this play had actually gone for a touchdown rather than being stopped at the 1-yard line, it would probably be one of the most fondly remembered Iowa plays of the last decade:

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FAT GUY TOUCHDOWNS are one of football's greatest pleasures.  A Brandon Scherff FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN, though, would be sublime.