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Disorderly house and drunken driving charges ahoy.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks after Nico Law ran foul of the, er, law and was cited for disorderly conduct, a few more Iowa football players are now facing legal charges after this past weekend.  Senior wide receiver Kevonte Martin-Manley was cited for having a disorderly house.  Per Morehouse,

According to the Iowa City police report, the senior was ticketed 1:11 a.m. on Saturday morning at 760 Sunset Street in Iowa City after police were called to a loud party.

Martin-Manley has led the Hawkeyes in receiving in each of the last two seasons. Last year, he had 40 catches for 388 yards and five TDs. Disorderly house in Iowa City can be a simple misdemeanor or a municipal infraction. In this case, it was a simple misdemeanor, which is a $65-$625 fine.

The more serious offense was incurred by junior Dean Tsopanides, who was arrested for drunken driving.

According to the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety, Tsopanides, 21, was stopped just before midnight for expired registration at the intersection of East Prentiss and South Linn streets in Iowa City. Police said they could smell alcohol when they spoke to Tsopanides.

Tsopanides, a reserve from Torrington, Conn., passed walk-and-turn and one-leg stand sobriety tests, but failed an eye test, police said. He admitted to drinking a beer at 4 p.m., but refused to submit to breath tests. He was arrested for drunken driving.

Discipline for both Martin-Manley and Tsopanides will be handled through the UI Student Athlete Code of Conduct process, as well team rules and regulations.  No further action has been announced at this time.  We'll update the story when and if more information becomes available.