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Tim Dwight on the 2014 College Football Hall of Fame Ballot


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

We interrupt our considerable coverage of basketball (men's and women's), wrestling, and cheerleading to bring you a morsel of college football news related to Iowa: Tim Dwight is on the 2014 ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame.

Tim Dwight, Iowa-Kick Returner/Wide Receiver-Two-time First Team All-American, earning consensus honors in 1997... First Team All-Big Ten who placed seventh in 1997 Heisman Trophy voting...Finished career as Big Ten's leader in punt return yardage (1,102).

I don't know if Dwight will get elected or not -- did you realize Eric freaking Dickerson isn't in the College Football Hall of Fame yet? -- but I damn sure hope he does.  Because Timmy D was awesome and one of the best kick returners of the past 30 years.  I will fight you if you disagree with that.

In case you've forgotten what made Dwight so special or were too young to appreciate him in his pomp, good news!  YouTube to the rescue.

I don't even care if some of these highlights overlap.  They're awesome -- of course you want to watch them again.

Even when he didn't score, his returns were amazing.

Also, he did this, which was a penalty, but hey.

There's some distinguished company on the ballot with Dwight (and some very-distinguished company that isn't on the ballot, thanks to the CFBHOF's rules), including fellow B1G alums Lorenzo White, Simeon Rice, and Antwaan Randle-El (OH GOD THE MEMORIES, THE PAINFUL PAINFUL MEMORIES) and noted B1G legends Eric Crouch and Trev Alberts.  Best of luck to Dwight (and all the nominees).