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Nebraska Autograph Guy Writes Iowa Preview

Littler? I don't even know her!

Longtime BHGP readers might remember Ed Littler, the sports director at KHAS Channel 5 News in Hastings, Nebraska who shamelessly accosted Kirk Ferentz for an autograph during Big Ten Media Days in 2011. Littler told Ferentz at the time that, while he is a loyal Nebraskan, his girlfriend is a big Iowa fan and would really appreciate a quick note from the longtime Hawkeyes coach. It was awkward.

Littler is still at KHAS, and has been writing profiles of Nebraska's 2013 opponents. He took on Iowa Wednesday, and it went about as well as one could expect for a guy who asks for autographs during a coach's media availability:

Iowa Hawkeye coach Kirk Ferentz has had some excellent team during his 14 years at the school but last season's wasn't one of them.

The Hawkeyes lost its last six games including this hard fought 13-7 season closing loss to the Huskers at a chilly Kinnick Stadium the day after Thanksgiving.

The squad had to sit home while other teams "went bowling" over the Holidays.

Between "some excellent team," "Hawkeyes lost its last six games," and "other teams 'went bowling' over the Holidays," it took three sentences for us to see why Nebraska got thrown out of the AAU.

As a Freshman last season, Former Giltner Hornet Drew Ott played in the last five games of last season for the Hawkeyes.

The coach will count on Drew to be a force at defensive tackle hoping to help Iowa return to its usual winning ways.

Hey Ed? Drew Ott plays defensive end. And you don't have to capitalize every word that starts with the letter 'F'.

Iowa visits Nebraska November 29th in the 3rd annual heros game.

That's...actually, I'm in favor of us formally changing the name of that game to a misspelling. That feels right for a game that has generated 47 points and a pair of snoozefests in its first two seasons.