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AIRBHG Invades Steelemas!

AIRBHG sure does get around.

Merry Steelemas! What, you ask, is Steelemas? It's that wonderful time of the offseason when Phil Steele unloads his latest preview magazine/doorstop on a grateful college football-loving public. The new Phil Steele drops today (sorry, Yeezus, you're the second-biggest release of the day), and you can find it at several outlets. Phil's website helpfully lists them here.

But we have an extra incentive to care about Steelemas this year -- because it's another example of BHGP spreading its tendrils into Legitimate Media.

(h/t @HawkeyeNation)

I hope AIRBHG doesn't get a big head with all this exposure.

Of course, this also made me wonder what a Phil Steele preview-style entry for AIRBHG might look like...

AIRBHG: AIRBHG is a VHT deity (PS#1) in CFB, with lrg trail of destruct in his wake. Elim 7 UI RB's in last 3 yrs and 26 s/'01. Has no pref re: method of elim, using brk legs, unpl paternity, bad grd, drugs, po-po trb to take out RB's. ACL tear remains fave with 8 s/' Jermelle Lewis '04. LY was SOP for AIRBHG: Canzeri tore ACL in spring, Hill tore ACL in summer, Bullock suff. conc. (miss mult. gms), Garmon inj. elbow in same gm (vs UNI). FB Weisman emerged w/ big yds, then spr. ank (miss. mult. games). Garmon tfr in spr. No UI RB's lost since - AIRBHG gone soft? Prob. not - expect mult. inj., txfr, dismiss. b4 H'ween (#2 h'day).

Yeah, that looks about right.