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Video Coordinator Matthew Engelbert leaves for Arkansas

After 24 fantastic years on the Iowa Football video staff, Matthew Engelbert is leaving.

Another empty seat, as Matt Engelbert departs from Iowa City.
Another empty seat, as Matt Engelbert departs from Iowa City.

My original thought for this post was to make it satirical...kind of an "even the video coordinators is leaving!" type of thing. But, after taking a step back, I realized that would be a great injustice to the fantastic career Matthew Engelbert had with the Iowa Football program.

Engelbert joined the football program's video staff as a student in 1989. After spending 4 years on staff, he became the Video Coordinator for Hayden Fry in 1993. Englebert held that position for nearly 20 years, keeping it through the coaching change and withstanding the ups and downs of Iowa football.

In 2011, when the on field production was dipping, Engelbert was doing his best work. He was recognized as the Collegiate Sports Video Association's 2011 Bob Matey National Video Coordinator of the Year (possibly the longest title for an award ever). In the same year he was also awarded as the B1G's top video coordinator, an award he won 3 times in his time at Iowa.

Engelbert, in the past few years, has been very active and approachable via social media. Ahead of the rest of the Iowa Football staff, he used social media to connect with Hawk fans and share bits and pieces of behind the scenes action. If I remember correctly, he leaked the first photos of Iowa's throwback jerseys back in 2010 on his blog.

On Friday, after 24 years on Iowa's video staff, Engelbert announced appropriately via Twitter, that he was moving on.

In case you need help connecting the dots, Engelbert took a job with Bret Bielema. And as much as I'd like to make a snarky comment about pigs and ankle tattoos, I'll just leave it with a congrats to Engelbert on the new opportunity and thanks for all the years as a Hawkeye.