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Brandon Scherff to Forgo NFL Draft, Return for 2014 Season

The beef is back!

David Purdy

Are you in need of more good news about Iowa football on the heels of the announcement of their return to January 1 football and a date in the Outback Bowl opposite the LSU Tigers?  Well, happy days are still here because I do indeed have more good news for you: standout LT Brandon Scherff announced that he will be forgoing the 2014 NFL Draft and returning to Iowa for his senior season.

This is enormous news for Iowa and their hopes in 2014; Scherff is an All-Big Ten performer at a critical position (left tackle) and his decision to return to Iowa for another season improves the quality and the continuity along next year's offensive line.  Don't just listen to me, either -- listen to one of the smartest Hawkeye followers on Twitter:

Just how good is Scherff?

That good.  Which is pretty decent.

We'll have to wait for a more extensive interview with Scherff to find out exactly why he might be returning to Iowa for another season, whether it's to improve his technique and his draft stock, or if it's because he wants to help Iowa win a Big Ten title, or if he just really enjoys mauling puny Big Ten defensive ends, but whatever the reason -- hooray!

Although BHGP scoopster supreme PSD likely has the real inside dirt on Scherff's decision:

Scherff's (potential) departure was easily the most significant loss for Iowa's offense next season; his return means that 3/5 of Iowa's offensive line returns, as well as the starters at quarterback, wide receiver, and running back (AIRBHG machinations pending).  There's still plenty to enjoy about the 2013 season (namely, that Outback Bowl against LSU), but the outlook for 2014 just got a bit sunnier.