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Need a 2014 Calendar? How About One With Vintage Iowa Program Art

2013 is nearly over; now you need to mark the passage of time in 2014.

Asgard Press

2014 is fast approaching and you probably need some way to mark the passage of time in the new year, right?  Good news, then: our friends at Asgard Press have a very slick 2014 calendar featuring vintage Iowa football program art.

Here are a few examples:







I received a copy of the calendar for review purposes and it's a very nice-looking, sturdy calendar on thick paper-stock.  Size-wise, it's a bit bigger than a standard calendar (it's fairly long from top to bottom when opened up, so be sure you have a lot of wallspace). If you're looking for a belated Christmas gift idea for a friend or family member or you just like to look at vintage program art (which is generally much more aesthetically interesting than the photos or photo collages that they tend to use today), this calendar can be a fun little gift idea.  And even if you don't care much about the calendar aspect, if you just want some cool vintage Iowa program art to hang up, this is an economical way to get several frame-worthy prints of vintage Iowa program art (the art can be easily detached from the rest of the calendar).

The fine folks at Asgard Press have also taken the liberty of offering a discount to BHGP readers who are interested in the calendar:

If you'd like to purchase a Vintage Iowa (or any other Asgard Press calendar) at a 10% discount, you can do it two ways:

1. Go to, and use the promo code "bhgp13."
2. Just click on the link below.

(A heads-up, the site doesn't calculate the 10% discount until the very end, so don't worry when you don't see the discount when you put the calendar in your shopping cart.)

This offer is good now until February 1, 2014.

Here's the link: