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BHGP College Pick 'Em 2013 - Week Ten and Eleven RESULTS

The heat is on...

Another double-week update here, as we enter the home stretch of the BHGP College Pick 'Em contest.

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Your humble editor-in-chimp has extended his lead atop the standings to two points after the last two weeks worth of picks; thanks, Phil Steele!  However, there are several hard-charging contenders nipping at my heels, just waiting for me (or rather, Phil) to screw the pooch this week.  Among our contenders: Burge Runner, Toolbox (who's been very good the last two weeks -- more on that in a moment), sailorjerry, Frosted Steaks, Beathard with a Vengeance, cahawki, and imadirtyoldman.

The weekly winners were dominated by the aforementioned Toolbox over the past two weeks: he got 13 right in Week 12 (a figure matched by TitoHawk as well) and 13 right again in a brutal Week 13 (a figure bettered only by MileHi Hawkeye).  Does he have one more excellent week in him?

This week's picks are the last week of picks in the competition.  Apparently Yahoo! does not include the championship games and other random games from Week 15, which is a bit unfortunate.  This week's picks are live on Yahoo! now, so get in and make your picks -- there are several games on Friday, so be sure to get your picks in before then.

As always, the top 50 (and ties) are in the table up top, while full rankings are available here.