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Same ol' same ol'

Matthew Holst

Another solid defensive performance, another craptacular offensive display.  Same as it ever was.  Ugh.

Excluding the OT session last week, Iowa has now gone 7+ quarters since scoring a touchdown in a game.  So we've got that going for us.  I think maybe that might be a problem.

Hopefully the injured Hawkeyes (particularly Jake Rudock) are able to recover quickly and play in next weekend's game against Purdue.

Here's your thread to vent about the loss.  Please be civil to one another.  Hey: basketball gets underway this week!

I'm going to go ahead and include the Community Player Ratings in this post, too.  Yes, they're back after a short absence.  I probably won't be able to do a recap of this game until later in the week (wasn't able to watch it on TV), but I wanted to actually get the Player Ratings up this week.