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Iowa LB Marcus Collins Arrested for OWI Thursday Night, Dismissed from Team

Hawkeyes' special-teamer had a bad Halloween.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

UPDATE: Collins has been dismissed from the team. Unbeknownst to anyone outside the program, Collins had been serving a three-game suspension for a prior incident.  Right or wrong, two run-ins with the cops in short order gets any player the boot.

Iowa Hawkeyes junior linebacker Marcus Collins was arrested for OWI Thursday night in Iowa City.  Details of the arrest are unclear at the moment, but Morehouse's sources say that Collins was done in by one really stupid mistake.

For his part, Collins' mug shot looks like the face of a man who realizes he has done at least two really stupid things within a matter of minutes:

Collins is a junior linebacker out of Yeadon, Pa.  He won a team leader award as a true freshman, and was academic all-Big Ten as a sophomore.  Collins has played primarily on special teams in his first three seasons, recording 23 total tackles (including six this season).  Recently, he has entered the situational rotation at linebacker.

Generally, OWI without any injury or significant property damage carries a 1-2 game suspension.  We would expect the same here, though Ferentz should probably add a game for stupidity.  Rolling your parked car into a police cruiser?  Man, that is dumb.