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FERENTZWATCH 2013: Scott Pioli and Kansas City Chiefs "Part Ways"

Another nail in the coffin of the "Ferentz to the NFL" rumors.


One of the main reasons Kirk Ferentz has continued to be linked to NFL jobs -- particularly ones in Kansas City and Cleveland -- over the last several years has been the presence of Scott Pioli in the front office of those organizations. Ferentz and Pioli became friends during their days in the Cleveland Browns organization in the mid-'90s and have remained friends ever since, with Ferentz admitting on a few occasions that he could only see himself accepting an NFL job if he would be able to work with Pioli. Well, he won't be working with Pioli in Kansas City:

Parting is such sweet sorrow... well, maybe not if you're a Chiefs fan, since you've now gotten rid of both Romeo Crennell and Scott Pioli in the span of a week. Party hard, Chiefs bros. Let the healing begin.

It will be worth watching the fallout of this move, though -- if Pioli lands another NFL gig, we'll doubtless see Ferentz-to-the-NFL rumors start popping up again. On the other hand, Pioli's run in Kansas City was pretty terrible, so there's a good chance that NFL teams won't be racing to sign him up and put him in a position of power again anytime soon. In the meantime, this news is another nail in the coffin of the "Ferentz to the NFL" rumors.