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Gone Baby Gone: Erik Campbell Leaves Iowa Coaching Staff

No Soup for Iowa.

Darren Miller (Hawkeye Sports)

The rumors had been out there for a while -- that Erik "Soup" Campbell was leaving the Iowa coaching staff. We hesitate to pass along rumors until they're a bit more grounded in reality and while Iowa hasn't seen fit to announce anything yet, we do have much more solid intel now, courtesy of Rob Howe:


Mind you, this still leaves a lot of questions -- was Soup fired? Did Soup leave voluntarily? Where's he going next? We have answers to none of those questions at the moment (although based on Ferentz's track record at Iowa, it seems exceedingly unlikely that Campbell was truly fired). What about who's replacing Soup as wide receivers coach at Iowa? Well, on that point we do have a little information:


Wait, what? But where does that leave the offensive line?



Naturally, we'll update this story when more information becomes available.