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FERENTZWATCH 2013: Kirk Ferentz Won't Be Going to Kansas City

Because they ordered a whole bunch of 3XL Kansas City Chiefs polo shirts when they hired Romeo Crennell, and dammit, they aren't going to let them go to waste.

Ronald Martinez

Based on reports from ESPN (and elsewhere), the Kansas City Chiefs will be hiring Andy Reid as their next head coach:

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of a deal to make Andy Reid their next head coach, according to league sources.

As the two sides continue to negotiate details of organizational structure, salary and coaching budgets, league sources said the nine hours of meetings Wednesday were necessary for Reid to meet with various key members of the organization including general manager Scott Pioli and Ted Crews, the vice president of communications for the AFC West franchise.

"But, Ross," you may be wondering, "Why is BHGP reporting on this? You're not a Chiefs blog, nor are you a walrus blog." And yes, hypothetical reader, you would be right -- we're not a Chiefs blog (Arrowhead Pride does a fine job of that), and we're not a walrus blog. (Although if we were a walrus blog, I think we'd be named Whiskery Business or Two Tusks to Paradise.)

But we are an Iowa blog and the current Iowa football head coach -- one Kirk Ferentz -- had been prominently linked to the Kansas City head coaching job over the past week (mainly because of the presence of known KF bro, Scott Pioli). But if Reid is the man in Kansas City -- and indications are that he is -- then Ferentz won't be the man. BOOM. That's the kind of keen insight you come here for, right? In any event, if the Chiefs are indeed off the table, then the likelihood of Ferentz leaving for an NFL job is much, much lower (and, to be honest, it probably wasn't very high to begin with).

In the meantime, check out this delightful .gif of walrus-Andy Reid from the mothership, won't you?