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Gone Baby Gone: Greg Garmon Leaving Iowa Football Program

Highly-touted freshman halfback "doesn't feel comfortable with the offense" and hits the road for greener pastures. Like every other offense in the country.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Freshman running back Greg Garmon, one of the crown jewels of the 2012 Iowa recruiting class, has left the program after one season. Widespread reports indicated Garmon asked for, and was granted, his release today after a meeting with running backs coach Lester Erb and head coach Kirk Ferentz. Garmon, a native of Erie, PA, ran for 122 yards on 38 carries in his one season as a Hawkeye. He added eight catches for 57 yards, and returned five kicks for an average of 23.9 yards per return. Garmon was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia in June, but was not suspended for the transgression.

Garmon told Bob Lichtenfels of 24/7 that it was a question of offensive philosophy:

"This had nothing to do with my grades or getting in to any trouble at all. I just didn't feel comfortable here anymore with the offense. It is a power offense and I am not a power type of a back. I'm more of a scat-back type guy. I can run, but I like to catch the ball out of the backfield and do different things."

If Greg Garmon really didn't know that Iowa was a "power offense" until he got here, he didn't watch a minute of Iowa football before committing. Methinks it has less to do with the style of play and more with the complete ineffectiveness of the offense this season. And, frankly, I can't blame him for not wanting to run zone stretch left into a wall of defenders for the next three years. Garmon also indicated that he is leaving school as soon as finals are complete, and will be actively pursuing his options.

Garmon is the third running back to transfer out of the Iowa program in this calendar year, the fourth to leave the team. He is the sixteenth consecutive running back to leave the program early; the last Iowa running back to actually complete four years with the program remains Damien Sims, who graduated in 2007. In the last four years, Iowa has signed four four-star running backs. All four of them left the program before the beginning of their third year in the program.

The Hawkeyes' running back depth chart is now a converted two-star wide receiver, a walk-on fullback who transferred from Air Force, and a two-star scatback who spent the season recovering from a torn ACL.

Fun times in Babylon, indeed.