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Open Thread enjoys a ranking that agrees Rutgers is The.Worst.Ever


38. New Jersey Rutgers (4–8) In the Wikipedia page summarizing Rutgers’ 2015 season, about a third of the text is contained in the "Controversies and player arrests" section. Since-fired coach Kyle Flood’s name appears 15 times in that section alone.



"Shit, if you would have told me three years ago I’d end up being a balding banker I’d have kicked your ass, but it ain’t a bad gig," he said. "At the end of the day you’re selling money. If you can’t sell money you can’t do anything. Plus, I don’t have to bang my head against someone else’s to make a buck anymore." "The way Norm explained that triple option and broke it down I knew that game would be really easy," Angerer said. "The big credit goes to our scout team. They could run that damn triple option better than Georgia Tech could run it."

Pat Angerer remains a great quote. Hawekeye Nation -- Where Are They Now: Pat Angererr

Lick Lands on his Feet


Or Todd Lickliter, Matta’s successor, who now scouts for the Celtics. It was Lickliter who empowered Stevens and taught him counter-conventional thinking.



Warriors coach Steve Kerr was a reserve point guard on that Bulls team. Asked about the comparison before Sunday's home game against the Portland Trail Blazers, a 136-111 win, Kerr said it didn't bother him. "First of all, it's a really hard question to answer," Kerr said. "Not just because you're comparing eras, but literally it's tough for me to answer, grammatically, because I don't know who 'we' is and who 'they' are. I'll just say if the two teams play each other, there's no question we can beat us and they can beat them." Kerr said it was tough to compare the teams because of their differing eras. "For example, if you actually put the teams in a hypothetical game, my guess is the Bulls would be called for a million hand-check fouls, and we would be called for a million illegal defenses when we overloaded the strong side," Kerr said. "So the game would take, like, six hours because the refs would be calling stuff all game. It's kind of hard to get past that. Now, they wouldn't call traveling in either era."

LINK: Blake Shelton to Play Concert at Kinnick Stadium


IOWA CITY — Country superstar Blake Shelton will headline the first concert inside Kinnick Stadium, slated for Aug. 27, 2016. the University of Iowa Athletic Department, in partnership with former Hawkeye football player Dallas Clark, announced the event Saturday. Other performers also will take the stage, which will need to be installed with a crane. The concert will run from 4 to 11 p.m.

Details about the "kickoff concert" Dallas Clark is helping to put together at Kinnick Stadium next August are starting to come out.



Gingering was a technique employed by horse traders to fetch higher prices for their cocktails. A horse with a spring in its step, wide-open eyes and, most importantly, tail held high would sell for more. A well-placed thumb of peeled ginger produced the desired effect, at least until the horse was sold.

LINK: At 86, laughter is still Hayden Fry's best medicine


As for anonymity, Fry doesn't really have it here, either. On that recent afternoon, he and his visitor went to his golf club for lunch. He said he hadn't been there in several months and was afraid no one would remember him. But the young woman who was his server knew who he was immediately and grinned when she saw him. "I can't believe it!" Fry exclaimed with a serious expression and tone. "What?" she replied with concern. "You got better looking!" A slow but steady stream of people approached him during 90 minutes in that dining room, from a Florida multimillionaire to a busboy. A bald man of maybe 35 approached him and hugged him. "I see you're letting your hair grow curly," Fry told him.

Is there ever a bad time to read an article about Hayden Fry? No. No, there is not. So you should definitely read this good column from Mike Hlas.

LINK: Perfect Game Previews Iowa-Maryland Baseball


It’s said that good pitching beats good hitting, but when both teams have quality staffs and an offense that could explode at anytime, anything can happen. By the end of Sunday this series should paint a clearer picture in the Big Ten one way or another, but the one thing that’s guaranteed is a good series between two competitive clubs.

Perfect Game USA previews this weekend's big Iowa-Maryland baseball series, a series that will help sort out the top of the B1G standings.

Fran's a Players' Coach, for sure


COACH McCAFFERY: No. Like I said, he wants more. He wasn't getting the playing time he hoped to get. He wouldn't have the role that he envisioned for himself when he came here. I think you have to be realistic. He has to be realistic. I have to be realistic. I'm not doing anything other than trying to help the kid make sure he finishes here strong academically and put him in a position where he can transfer anywhere he wants. He's got to bear down there. We'll help him. Going to get a ton of phone calls about him. We'll talk to people, impress upon them that he has great character. A lot of times when there's transfers, the first thing is are there character issues, is he a knucklehead, did he flunk a drug test, anything like that. There's no issues at all with regard to those issues.


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