Open Thread - July 2020


Hamdam may be gone, but I like having a place to throw the occasional link/ariticle/etc.

Open Thread Likes Butterflies


Needed something to head this with. Enjoy!

Open Thread is Staying Calm


At least we are trying to. Time for a fresh thread. Enjoy!

Open Thread Welcomes June


Think it's time to start a clean thread to dial back all of our emotions. Enjoy the new Open Thread.

Open Thread is Waiting for Baby Bluebirds


Our bluebird couple has hatched their eggs. Any day now, I'll have this in my backyard. Here's a new Open Thread for a new week.

Open Thread is Dreaming of Costa Rica


I was there 2 years ago and definitely want to go back. The mention of Costa Rican soccer put this in my head. Enjoy the new Open Thread.

Open Thread is Talking About Moss


It's all I could come up with. Enjoy!

Open Thread is Still Drinking


At least a lot of Open Thread's commenters are. Enjoy!

Open Thread Welcomes May


New month, new picture, new Open Thread.


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