College Football Playoff Expands To 12 Teams


There are about a thousand hot-blooded arguments on both sides on the coming College Football Playoff expansion, from critiques on the number of teams to the idea of Georgia curb stomping Liberty 65-0 in the first round. As tempers flare one thing remains constant - change is coming and it will be here sooner than you think.

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Iowa Hawkeyes quarterback Cade McNamara finds himself in a special situation


Iowa Hawkeyes quarterback Cade McNamara finds himself in a special situation, offering his team a potential advantage as they prepare to face the second-ranked Michigan team in the upcoming Big Ten Championship this weekend. McNamara had a three-season stint at Michigan before making the move to Iowa. He appeared in five games for the Hawkeyes this season before experiencing a season-ending knee injury.

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NFL Week 16: Fans treated to blockbuster Christmas Day triple-header


The holiday season has arrived and for football fans, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. On Monday, a blockbuster Christmas Day triple-header features the No. 1 seeds in each conference. And with the playoffs just around the corner, the stakes are higher than ever.

NFL playoff picture: Lions win North, remain in hunt for NFC top seed; Jaguars crumbling


The Detroit Lions won a division championship Sunday for the first time since 1993. Dan Campbell’s team claimed the NFC North title in dramatic fashion, hanging on to beat the Minnesota Vikings 30-24. Winning the division ensures the Lions will play at least one postseason game at Ford Field, and it remains possible for Detroit to secure a bye along with home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs. If the San Francisco 49ers lose to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, the Lions and Niners will be tied at 11-4 with two games to go.

Broncos’ playoff hopes crash in stunning loss to Patriots. Now, major questions loom


The Christmas comeback was almost complete. After Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos stormed back from a 16-point deficit in the fourth quarter to tie the score against the New England Patriots on Sunday night, all they needed were a few more big plays to move into range for a game-winning field goal.

Following the signing of 21 high school recruits to letters of intent on Wednesday


Following the signing of 21 high school recruits to letters of intent on Wednesday, Iowa Football now faces a roster crunch. This is a dynamic situation that will require some time to sort out. According to NCAA regulations, the roster can have a maximum of 85 scholarship student-athletes at the start of the season. It seems that Iowa is nearing that limit, pending decisions from current players regarding their future plans.

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Every year around this time, I find myself drawn to "Fairytale of New York" by The Pogues


Every year around this time, I find myself drawn to "Fairytale of New York" by The Pogues, a band that never quite gained widespread recognition in the United States. It's a song that I'm sure you've all heard, even if you couldn't immediately name the band behind it. For me, it's undeniably my favorite "Christmas Song." While Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl narrate the story of two naive, heroin-addicted lovers in the bustling city, it may not have much to do with Iowa football, but it never fails to captivate me. Strangely, it also leads me to explore the rest of The Pogues' discography, including a track called "Sunny Side of the Street" from their album "Hell's Ditch." As I sat down to compose this column, it was "Sunny Side of the Street" that occupied my thoughts. Its message revolves around finding positivity in a world often steeped in negativity (though Shane MacGowan's lyrics are decidedly more explicit).

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Iowa Hawkeyes Women's Basketball Season Tips


"We had Megan Gustafson on this team. She was the national player of the year. Certainly, Caitlin's popularity has exceeded that, no doubt."

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Iowa Hawkeyes Secure Pole Position in Big Ten West with Gritty Win


In a game that left fans and pundits scratching their heads, the Iowa Hawkeyes managed to secure a victory against the Northwestern Wildcats in a performance that can be described as anything but traditional. While it wasn't a high-scoring affair, the Hawkeyes' win came through determination and resilience. The contest witnessed an array of unusual events, including a rare off day for standout punter Tory Taylor and a field goal attempt by Drew Stephens that inexplicably hit the upright. Despite these odd occurrences, the game displayed the strong defensive prowess of the Hawkeyes, evoking flashbacks to their remarkable goal-line stand that stymied the Wildcats. NFR Rodeo Live Stream

The Unsung Heroes Behind the Spotlight on Caitlin Clark


For the casual fan, Iowa women's basketball is often synonymous with the dazzling talent of Caitlin Clark. However, those deeply connected to the sport, like head coach Lisa Bluder, her coaching staff, and the players, recognize the integral role played by other key contributors. In fact, it could be argued that the Hawkeyes' lofty No. 3 ranking in the AP Top 25 preseason poll is in no small part thanks to the return of Kate Martin for her sixth year and Gabbie Marshall for her fifth, in addition to having the reigning national player of the year back for her fourth season. Despite the spotlight on Clark, the Hawkeyes have been significantly bolstered by the return of Martin and Marshall, who have added immense experience and skill to the roster. Following their remarkable run to the NCAA championship game, the team faced substantial challenges with the departures of the top two scorers behind Clark. Monika Czinano, the imposing post complementing Clark's style, is now playing professionally in Hungary, while McKenna Warnock, Clark's 3-point shooting partner, is pursuing a career in dental school. National Finals Rodeo