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ah, the good ol' days...
ah, the good ol' days...

It's National Signing Day, which means it's Christmas for recruitniks and creepsters. That said, as creepy as it can be, recruiting is still important -- the guys your program signs today will be the guys relied upon to lead it to victory one, two, three (or more) years from now. So we've got a bevy of coverage on Iowa's 2014 recruiting class on tap for you today -- you might want to keep one eye on the front page and keep refreshing throughout the day.

But here's an all-purposes Signing Day thread for y'all. Iowa's not expected to have any players making Signing Day decision (that we know of, at least), but other teams do -- feel free to talk about all their hat game shenanigans, shocking switches, and fax machine blunders here. Or just talk about whatever trips your trigger, recruiting-wise. Again, we'll be breaking Iowa's class down in several other posts, so keep an eye out for those, too.

The usual rules of open threads apply; don't be a jackass.