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Caring Is Creepy 2014: New Iowa Hawkeye Defensive End Terrence Harris

Two-star defensive end from Paramus, New Jersey.

Terrence Harris

Defensive End
Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey
Height: 6'3
Weight: 250 pounds
247 Sports Composite Rating: 2-stars
Other Offers: Florida Atlantic, UMass, Western Michigan
Caring Is Creepy: Have a seat, Terrence Harris

We're going to hope against hope that the staff sees something it can use that has been overlooked by everyone else.

Remember when Iowa used to recruit Florida? Back in the early 2000s, when Bret Bielema was still on staff, Iowa used to mine the Sunshine State for running backs, wide receivers, linebackers and defensive backs with an absurd level of success. Bielema left, and Iowa sent Phil Parker to Tampa for three seasons before turning over the Florida efforts to Rick Kaczenski. Florida recruiting went from the sort of high-percentage project identification that Reese Morgan does in the state of Iowa to a two-star crapshoot so unsuccessful that Kirk Ferentz eventually abandoned the state altogether.

2014 is the first class that Iowa has recruited since Darrell Wilson left for Rutgers, and while the longtime defensive assistant's abilities in the mid-Atlantic have been duplicated -- and possibly exceeded -- by Chris White, Iowa is going to have a much more difficult time replicating Wilson's efforts in his home state of New Jersey. Much like Morgan in Iowa, Wilson was a prominent high school coach in the Garden State before moving into the college coaching ranks, and his connections proved profitable to Iowa in the past. This year, without Wilson, Iowa's haul from New Jersey: Three-star defensive end Jameer Outsey and Harris, a two-star defensive end not really pursued by anyone else. He could certainly work, as Iowa's ability to scout defensive linemen has always been above average, but we hope this isn't the first sign of New Jersey slipping into Florida territory.

And then, as soon as we're a bit critical, Terrence goes and does something like this.

Welcome to Iowa, sir.  Go Hawks.