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Caring is Creepy 2014: Have a Seat, Lucas LeGrand

Reese Morgan picks up Iowa's third instate commit for 2014. That dude is on a roll.

Football has played second fiddle to basketball during the great NIT run. But now that the basketball season is officially over for the Hawkeyes and spring spring has started, it's time to turn our attention back to football.

While we weren't looking, Reese Morgan has been doing work. He added his third instate commit for Iowa's 2014 class. Lucas LeGrand, an offensive lineman from Dubuque, committed to Iowa on Wednesday, announcing his decision via Twitter. He joins Ross Pierschbacher and Jay Scheel (both 4-star guys) as the early instate commits. LeGrand is not ranked by any of the scouting services at this time.

LeGrand is a right tackle for Dubuque Senior. (Side note: apparently Dubuque Senior is Jay Berwanger's, the first ever Heisman Trophy winner, alma mater.) He's currently 6-5, 250 so has some room to grow, but shows some pretty good drive ad a little mobility in his film on Hudl. He also definitely finishes off his blocks in true Iowa style. At this time I'd peg him as an interior lineman, but with his height he could grow into a tackle.

Iowa didn't have much competition for LeGrand. Not to take away from the work Morgan has done recruiting, but Legrand grew up a Hawkeye fan and always wanted to play for Iowa. And the only other school to offer him was FCS Northern Colorado. It's early though, and a good senior year and an Iowa offer would usually lead to a bunch more offers for an offensive lineman. Given his Hawkeye fandom, however, I don't think he's going to be swayed.

Welcome aboard, Lucas.