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2013 Big Ten Wrestling Tournament: Session III & IV Game Thread

Time to finish strong.

Date: March 10, 2013
Time: 11:30 am CT (Session III), 1:30 pm CT (Session IV)
Location: Assembly Hall, Champaign
Television: there are free video feeds HERE (ED: No free video today, I guess. Boo.) (NOTE: Session IV will be on BTN.)
Radio: you can get a free stream from KCJJ HERE; if you're in the Iowa City area, there's also coverage on 800 AM.
Line: n/a

157: #1 Derek St. John vs. #3 Dylan Alton (Penn State)
165: #4 Nick Moore vs. #6 Pierce Harger (jNW)
184: #5 Ethen Lofthouse vs. #6 Tony Dallago (Illinois)
197: #6 Nathan Burak vs. #8 Max Huntley (Michigan)
285: #4 Bobby Telford vs. #6 Adam Chalfant (Indiana)

125: #1
Matt McDonough vs. #3 Jesse Delgado (Illinois)
133: #2 Tony Ramos vs. #1 Logan Stieber (Ohio State)
141: #3 Mark Ballweg vs. #1 Hunter Stieber (Ohio State)
174: #2 Mike Evans vs. #5 Matt Brown (Penn State)

149: #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) vs. #4 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)
It behooves us to root for non-Minnesota and non-Penn State wrestlers whenever possible. Even ones from Nebraska.

157: #2 Jason Welch (jNW) vs. #4 James Green (Nebraska)
It's not often I find myself rooting for Northwestern in anything, but against a phenomenal asshole like Green? GO 'CATS. This match has zero impact on the team title race, but Green is a complete dick, so I'm happy to root for him to lose.

165: #1 David Taylor (PSU) vs. #2 Conrad Polz (Illinois)
Like I said, it's prudent to root against PSU and Minny wrestlers whenever possible. Although in case it's probably pointless; just sit back and watch the Unicorn do his thing.

184: #1 Ed Ruth (PSU) vs. #2 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
What to do in a PSU vs. Minnesota match? It's hard to say, but a Minnesota win is probably less damaging to Iowa's hopes than a Penn State win. This should be one of the most fascinating finals of the day, too.

197: #1 Quentin Wright (PSU) vs. #2 Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
See above, re: who to root for in PSU-Minnesota match-ups.

285: #1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) vs. #2 Mike McMullan (jNW)
Gadzooks, do we need to root for a second jNW wrestler in these finals? Yes, we probably do. GO 'CATS.

1) Penn State --123 pts
2) Minnesota -- 112.5 pts
3) Iowa -- 109 pts
4) Ohio State -- 92 pts
5) Illinois --73.5 pts
6) Michigan -- 61 pts
7) Nebraska -- 52 pts
8) Northwestern -- 50 pts
9) Purdue -- 28 pts
10) Indiana -- 26.5 pts
11) Wisconsin -- 26 pts
12) Michigan State -- 17 pts

Here's the updated bracket.

The usual rules of open threads apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs, etc.