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Black Heart Gold Pants Podcast Feed

Covering all things Hawkeyes for you, the people.

Pants Party: We Back

You couldn’t kill us if you tried

SpoCo Radio Episode 40: Ask SpoCo Anything & Hoops!

The boys are back and answering your questions!

ASA: Ask SpoCo Anything

Much like the Hello Jerry Mailbag, SpoCo Radio is opening up their show, to you, the people

SpoCo Radio Episode 37: New Years Resolutions and the Holiday Bowl

What does the Holiday Bowl mean moving forward?

SpoCo Radio Episode 29: The 2019 Senior class, Robbie Foley and the Fighting Illini

Nerd Alert!

SpoCo Radio Episode 28: Rowing the Boat to Happiness

From the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs, we’re here through it all

SpoCo Radio Episode 25: Everything Hurts

This is not a fun 15-minutes

SpoCo Radio Episode 24: Badgerin’ Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Heel Champ and our first interview!

SpoCo Radio Episode 23: 2019-20 Iowa Basketball Preview

Now, with movie quotes

SpoCo Radio Episode 22: Layeth the Smacketh Down!

The People’s Champ gave the Northwestern fans the People’s Elbow

SpoCo Radio Episode 22: Playing the Percentages and (just) Northwestern

Is this really the greatest D in the Kirk Ferentz era? YUP!

SpoCo Radio Episode 21: What Did We Learn?

Besides Iowa controlling their destiny in the West? Not much.

SpoCo Radio Episode 20: Inhale, Vent, Inhale, Win Out

We vent, we whine, we complain, we look at the schedule and decide we’re still winning the Big Ten West

SpoCo Radio Episode 19: Big Ten Fill in the Blank and Penn State Preview

...and lots and lots and lots of Brian Ferentz talk.

SpoCo Radio Episode 18: Big House, Big Problems

Wallow with us, wont you?

SpoCo Radio Episode 17: B1G Big Deal or Not a Big Deal & Michigan Preview

Get your khaki’s on and let’s roll

The Pants Party: Recapping Iowa’s 38-14 Win over Miami (OH)

Three-ish things we liked and didn’t like!

The Pants Party Does Media Days

We weren’t there, but other people were

SpoCo Radio Episode 5: Favorite Iowa Things

Back in Black, Kum & Go, Falbos, Kirk Ferentz and Carver Hawkeye Arena?

BHGP Podcast: SpoCo Radio is Back in Black

Stump Speeches, Breaking the Rock and lots of la Familia de Ferentz

The Pants Party: Now what do we do?

Now what do we do?

The Pants Party: Women trending up, Men trending down

Lots of hoops talk going on here.

The Pants Party: Mad Again

Reactions to athletic department drama, Iowa’s loss, and more.


Plus, an IMPORTANT update on the state of the podcast.

The Pants Party: Is it football season yet?

Also: Iowa has a couple basketball teams.

The Pants Party: Mid-December Lull

A whole week without Iowa sports. Yikes!

The Pants Party: Iowa Basketball’s BACK and Nigerian Princes

We covered a lot in this episode. Sorry in advance.



The Pants Party: Taking stock of Iowa after a dominating win over Maryland

And some Penn State preview, as you’d expect from us.

The Pants Party: Maryland Week

There’s also an Urban Meyer joke somewhere in here.

The Pants Party: Indiana Week

And more takeaways from Iowa’s victory against Minnesota!

The Pants Party: Therapy Week

It was a rough weekend. We really needed to talk about it.