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Iowa's huge 2015 recruiting class is officially ready to go.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa signed a six-person recruiting class in 2015, including five freshmen and one JUCO transfer.  Five of those players arrived in Iowa City this summer and played in the Prime Time League.  The lone absentee?  Chicago prep Isaiah Moss, who missed out on PTL action this summer to take care of some lingering academic requirements.  His absence this summer caused some trepidation about whether or not he would make it to Iowa at all, but now those concerns can be firmly laid to rest:

Moss was, by some measures, the most highly-regarded member of this recruiting class, so the news that he will be suiting up for Iowa this fall is very good news indeed.  He's a dynamic athlete and an "explosive scorer," per Fran McCaffery, which is exactly the sort of player Iowa could use on the wing.  Like basically all of McCaffery's incoming recruits, Moss is a versatile player with excellent length, able to play a few different positions (off-guard and small forward), which is vital as Iowa continues to evolve in Fran's preferred direction.  Moss is listed at 6-5, 175 so he is a little on the slender side for the Big Ten -- he'll need to spend some time in the weight room or risk getting bullied all over the course.  But his quickness and leaping ability (among other assets) should be welcome additions to the mix at Iowa.

The big question, of course, is how much playing time Moss might expect to get in 2015-16.  Iowa returns four seniors this year (Woodbury, Uthoff, Gesell, Clemmons) who will likely play big minutes, as well as a junior (Jok) and a sophomore (Uhl) whose roles should increase this season, too.  Add to that the six-person recruiting class (and freshman Brady Ellingson, who redshirted in 2014-15) and that's going to create quite a juggling act for Fran and his staff to handle.  Moss might be slightly behind his fellow newcomers by virtue of not playing in the PTL this summer (and, more importantly, not taking part in the team practices that took place this summer), but that probably won't be too much of a deterrent -- there will be a decent amount of practice time before the season officially tips off in November and Moss' skill set doesn't appear to be easily duplicated by any other current or incoming Iowa player. Regardless, it's just nice to have official word that Moss will be part of the mix at Iowa.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Moss.