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Dunk L'Orange rides again!

The Las Vegas portion of the NBA Summer League got underway this weekend and with it, Aaron White's NBA career (well, sort of; we are still just talking about Summer League action here).  White wasted no time in showing NBA fans the sorts of plays he wowed Iowa fans with for four years.

Yeah, that was nice, but you can do better than that, right, Aaron?

...oh.  Now THAT'S more like it.  There's the Dunk L'Orange we knew and loved at Iowa.  Fail to box out Aaron White and he will make you pay -- not to mention get you a supporting role in the night's highlight reels.

White played almost 20 minutes in his Summer League debut, but scored just 4 points (you just saw all of 'em) on 2/5 shooting and grabbed 4 rebounds (3 offensive).  He also had 3 turnovers and 1 foul in his time on the court.  On the bright side, White was one of the few Wizards players with positive +/- rating (+4); Washington lost the game, 86-77.

It still seems somewhat likely that White heads over to Europe to play professionally this season and hone his skills; if that's the case, then White's performance in Summer League might not really matter all that much.  But if he wants to stay in the United States and grab a spot on the Wizards' roster, he's likely going to need to put together more productive Summer League showings than this one.  Still, this was a fine way for White to get his feet wet in the Summer League.