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Of course we're doing a bracket challenge.

They're excited for the BHGP Bracket Challenge.
They're excited for the BHGP Bracket Challenge.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You didn't think we'd abstain from a bracket prediction contest this year, right?  Of course not.  This year's bracket challenge is not being hosted by Yahoo!, but by our new friends at Realtime Brackets.

Click here to join.

GROUP NAME: BHGP Bracket Challenge
PASSWORD: hawkeyes

There's no limit on group size, so we won't need to create additional groups as we've done in past pick 'em endeavors.  Come one, come all -- and feel free to invite your friends, too.  (Although they'll need to sign up for BHGP to be eligible to win the prize.)

One note -- RealTimeBrackets offers a few different game types.

Advanced: Change picks anytime, including in real-time during live games
Intermediate: Change picks anytime, except while games are being played
Traditional: Only make picks once before the tourney starts

We're doing a Traditional game because, dammit, your bracket is supposed to be a smoking ruin by the end of this weekend.  Mulligans and do-overs are for golf with your buddies; bracket picks are for crazy upsets and the embarrassment of being so, so wrong (or the rare but sweet feeling of vindication that comes from being right).

The point distribution is as follows:

Round of 64 win: 30 pts
Round of 32 win: 60 pts
Sweet 16 win: 120 pts
Elite 8 win: 240 pts
Final 4 win: 480 pts
National Champion: 960 pts

So, yeah, there's a huge emphasis on picking the right teams to make deep runs and win it all. Bear that in mind when making your picks.

The prize this year is a BHGP shirt of the winner's choosing; maybe we'll even have some new designs to choose from!  (Maybe.  Hopefully.)

If you've got questions, hit up the comments.

Official Rules