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Patrick McCaffery receives good news about his cancer after a second surgery earlier this week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa's basketball season ended under a flurry of losses, but those losses were trifling matters compared to the truly bad news that Fran McCaffery and his family received in March: that a tumor removed from his son Patrick was malignant.  Since then there has been an outpouring of support for Patrick and the entire McCaffery family from both the Iowa community and the basketball community (college and professional) as Patrick has undergone treatment to remove the cancer.

Patrick McCaffery underwent a second surgery earlier this week and the McCaffery family received good news in the wake of that procedure:

NEWTON, Ia. - Iowa coach Fran McCaffery said a pathology report that came back Tuesday showed his son, Patrick, has no additional cancer.

"That was a good day," McCaffery said.

Patrick McCaffery, 14, had surgery to remove a tumor on his thyroid March 19. Two days later, doctors determined the tumor was malignant. Patrick had a second surgery on April 17.

"The last surgery went really well," McCaffery said Thursday.

Needless to say, that's excellent news.  Patrick isn't entirely out of the woods yet, but this is very good news for Patrick and the entire McCaffery family.  Everyone at BHGP continues to wish Patrick a fully and speedy recovery and a clean bill of health going forward.  We're all on #TeamPat.

(Incidentally, I'd also encourage you all to watch the brief video interview with McCaffery at the link above; Fran talks about the nature of dealing with a very personal and painful situation in a very public way, as well as how fortunate they are to have local access to the excellent care available from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Children's Hospital.)