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Drunk and on a moped is no way to go through Iowa City on a Friday night.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

It's been a while since the Iowa City Police Department arrested an Iowa athlete for anything, but that streak has come to an end after Friday night, when Peter Jok was arrested for OWI:

IOWA CITY - Iowa freshman basketball player Peter Jok was arrested early Saturday for drunken driving, according to police reports.

Jok, 20, was arrested on a black 2013 moped by Iowa City Police at 2:43 a.m. at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Iowa Avenue. According to the police report, he was turning from an improper lane, had no safety flag and a cover was missing from his rear taillight displaying a white light. Jok initially denied drinking but displayed watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. His initial blood-alcohol level was .082.

The legal limit in Iowa is .080, so Jok was hardly sloshed to the gills, but still -- drinking and driving mopeding is not very intelligent behavior.

There's been no word from the university, athletic department, or Fran McCaffery yet on what discipline Jok will face as a result of the arrest.  Under the University of Iowa Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, Jok's OWI charge is an act of Category II Misconduct.  The sanctions for Category II Misconduct are:

Sanctions for Category II Misconduct: The Director of Athletics will determine from specific and credible information that there is a reasonable basis for concluding that the student-athlete has committed Category II misconduct. The Director of Athletics shall determine the appropriate sanction after consulting with the student-athlete's Head Coach and assigned Sport Administrator. The Director of Athletics may also consult with the FAR and appropriate University officials for recommendations regarding the appropriate sanction(s).

Sanctions for Category II misconduct may include, but are not limited to: warning, reprimand, probation with or without conditions, requirements for restitution, conditions to encourage personal rehabilitation (e.g., counseling and community service), conditions related to satisfactory academic performance, suspension from practice, suspension from competition, and/or suspension from access to athletic departmental services.

That's a fairly wide range of options for sanctions, so we'll have to wait and see what discipline is handed down to Jok.  We'll update this story when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Here's a statement from Fran on Jok's arrest.