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BHGP Big Ten Tournament Pick 'Em 2014 RESULTS

If you leaned heavily on the Michigan schools, you probably did well here.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Results for the BHGP Big Ten Tournament 2014 Pick 'Em?  Yeah, we got those.

There were no perfect entries, thanks to That Game Last Thursday.  In fact, only one out of all 130 eligible entries picked Northwestern to win that game -- and that was a gimmick entry that picked ALL underdogs.  (Needless to say, it also finished dead last.)

23 entries correctly pegged Michigan State as the winner of this year's Big Ten Tournament.  Of those 23 entries, a further 15 correctly named Michigan and Michigan State as the two finalists this year and 11 of those 15 nailed all four quarterfinal results.  What ultimately separated the very good entries from the best were the results in the first-round games on Friday.  Two entries were able to get the winners of 3 of those 4 games, kansashawkeye and elundell.  They both finished with 31 correct points (out of a max of 32 possible points).  kansashawkeye is the ultimate winner of the pick 'em challenge, though, as he was closer on the tiebreaker -- he said that Michigan and Michigan State would combine to score 63 points in the second half of the final, while elundell said they would score 43.  The correct answer was 57 combined points.

Congrats to kansashawkeye!

Here's the top ten:

1) kansashawkeye -- 31
2) elundell -- 31
3) Kirk's Khan -- 30
4) DBorwig316 -- 30
5) ferentz just don't understand -- 30
6) Hawkeye X -- 30
7) CyHawk -- 30
8) jkhawks --- 29
9) Chitownhawkeye -- 29
10) Clivehawk -- 29

And here's the link to the full standings.  NOTE: Only the top two entries are correctly organized by tiebreaker; I didn't bother doing that for the rest of the entries.

Thanks for everyone who participated.