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Iowa Hoops Scheduling Musical Chairs: Indiana and Purdue Games Rescheduled

At last, a solution.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Iowa and Indiana ended up taking a pretty good chunk of the 72 hours they were given to negotiate a rescheduled day, time, and location for their game (postponed last Tuesday due to falling debris), but they finally got things sorted out.  As expected, the Iowa-Indiana game will be next Thursday (2/27) in Bloomington.

The 2/27 date for Iowa-Indiana is not at all surprising -- it was really about the only date that could work for both teams given the compressed time frame of the schedule (especially since extending the regular season past 3/9 was apparently a no-go).  Moving the Iowa-Purdue game (originally scheduled for 7:15 PM CT on Saturday, March 1) is a surprise, albeit a very welcome one.  That change gives Iowa an extra day of rest after the Indiana game, which will itself be Iowa's third game in six days.

Kudos to Our Most Hated Rivals for being amenable to moving that game back, even though it gives them a bit less time to prepare for their next opponent (a road game at Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 5).  This was anything but an ideal situation, but it's nice to see multiple schools to come up with a solution that's ultimately pretty decent.

And unlike last year's rescheduled game at Nebraska (which went from being on BTN to being available only on a BTN2Go feed using a scoreboard camera feed), the TV coverage for these rescheduled games is still very good. Iowa-Indiana will still be on ESPN and Iowa-Purdue will still be on BTN -- just at different days/times than they were originally scheduled.

Here's an updated schedule for Iowa's final six games:

2/22: Wisconsin (11 AM CT, ESPN2)
2/25: at Minnesota (6 PM CT, BTN)
2/27: at Indiana (8 PM CT, ESPN)
3/2: Purdue (1 PM CT, BTN)
3/6: at Michigan State (8 PM CT, ESPN)
3/8: Illinois (7:30 PM CT, BTN)