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Pre-Game Franalysis: Iowa at Illinois

Can Iowa bounce back against a pretty good Illinois defense on the road? Find out what the numbers think.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your statistical preview for the Illinois game. I recommend using it to supplement Pat's Franimal Planet preview.

Please note that all rankings and projections are based off of my own personal ratings.

Also, I should give you a quick primer on how to read the four factor charts below. 100 is equal to the Division I average with each point above or below 100 being equal to 1% above or below the national average. For example: A rating of 105 = 5% above average and a rating of 95 = 5% below average. Basically, the higher the number is above 100 the better a team is in that category. Also, all ratings are adjusted for strength of schedule.