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Iowa Plays Fos-Ouest Basket in Final Game of European Trip (OPEN THREAD)

Go Ouest, young Hawkeyes...

Time to get spicy!
Time to get spicy!
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa's excellent European adventure comes to an end later today, with the final game of their exhibition schedule against Fos Ouest Provence. Fos Ouest is a team in Pro B, the second level of French basketball. In fact, Fos Ouest and Iowa's opponent yesterday, Hyeres-Toulon, were both in Pro B last season. Fos Ouest went 21-13 and finished 6th in the league, while Hyeres-Toulon went 15-19 and finished 12th. So it seems like he probably shouldn't expect an easy game in this one, even though I don't recognize any of the players listed on their current roster. On the bright side, I don't think there will be any shocking surprises like there was yesterday...

Hopefully Iowa is able to bounce back from yesterday's OT loss and end their preseason trip on a winning note. The game gets underway at 12:30pm CT. As usual, there's no live audio or video coverage of this game, so @IowaHoops remains our best bet.

The usual rules apply.