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Iowa Hoops Heads to the South of France (OPEN THREAD)


Pop that jersey, Z-Mac.
Pop that jersey, Z-Mac.
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa basketball's Euro adventure is almost over, but there's still time for a few more games.  Up first is Hyeres-Toulon in Toulon in the south of France.  It's quite gorgeous down there:

But more importantly,  guess who's back / back again:

Seriously, what are the odds of that?  More info from Doc here.

Also: this year has really seen a wildly unexpected (and hugely improbable) surge in Pierre Pierce news, between the [REDACTED] hire at UCLA, which dredged up the whole sordid incident at Iowa and now Pierce himself showing up as as an Iowa opponent.  As they'd say at Euro Disney, c'est un petit monde après tout.

The game gets underway at 11am CT; as with the prior games on the trip, there's no TV or radio coverage, so @IowaHoops is your best bet.  The usual rules apply.