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Iowa Hoops Open Thread: Hawkeyes in Paris

Iowa heads to Paris for some culture and some hoops.


After two blowout wins in London, the Iowa hoops team is heading down to Paris for the next stage of their European Adventure. While the players and coaches have been taking in the sights in the City of Lights (and you can follow along with their exploits on the @IowaHoops and their Hawkeye Sports blog), they're back in action this afternoon (or evening over there), taking on the AMW All Stars (Pro A/Pro B players) at Stade Pierre de Coubertin.

As far as who's on the AMW All Stars team... good question. Google is failing me on that front. But it seems likely that they'll represent a big step up in quality from the London Lions. An AMW All Stars team played U.S. college teams in exhibitions last year -- and did very well, taking a pair of games from Colorado. More impressively, they also swept Kansas (albeit a Kansas team playing without Ben McLemore or any senior players) and split a pair of games with Virginia (whose coach, Tony Bennett, had some less-than-flattering things to say about the officiating... how do you say "Fuck you, Ted Hightower" in French?). We have no way of knowing if this year's AMW All Stars team is as good as last year's team, but it seems likely that they'll be a nice test for Iowa on this trip. I wouldn't expect another 30-point Iowa blowout.

The game is scheduled to tip off at 1:30pm CT; as with the London games, there's no live video or audio streaming available. Hopefully some video highlights will turn up later. In the meantime, though, @IowaHoops is probably your best bet at following along with the action.

Usual open thread rules apply.

Disparaissent les Faucons!

8/17 EDIT: Use this thread for today's game, too. I'll try to update it as much as I can, but feel free to update it yourself via @IowaHoops.  Tip-off is at 1:30pm CT.