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Iowa Hoops Open Thread: Hawks Invade London II -- Electric Boogaloo

There is hoops afoot.


Iowa's preseason tour through England and France rolls on, with another game in London against the London Lions.  This game is, in fact, an actual game open to the public.  Yesterday's "game" was more of a closed-doors scrimmage.  It's an actual game and The Copper Box is HOPPIN'.

How do we know it's a big game?  The Lions brought their cheer squad, of course.

As for your starters...

Fran is indeed holding true to his word of shaking up the starting lineups on this trip.  Marble, Basabe, and White all sat out yesterday's game, but get the nod to start here.  Gabe's the only returning starter and that's because he's t he hometown boy.

I'll keep this post (and the comments) updated, but you can also follow @IowaHoops for direct updates from the game.  There's no radio or TV coverage of any sort for the game, unfortunately.  Here is a link for live stats from the game.



Usual rules apply.

BONUS! The Olaseni clan celebrates Gabe's return to the land of monarchs and proper tea: