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2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket Released, Play BHGP Tournament Challenge

Take a look at the NCAA tourney bracket and sign up to play BHGP Tournament Challenge.

The NCAA officially released the bracket for the 2013 NCAA Tournament this evening -- you can find some handy downloadable versions here. As expected, Iowa was not part of the field of 68. While we wait for the NIT bracket to be released and discover Iowa's fate there, here's a place for you to chat about the NCAA Tournament.

1) Who's your final four?

2) Who wins the national title?

3) How will the Big Ten do?

4) What are your favorite upset?

5) What are your favorite games?

Meanwhile, the BHGP Tournament Challenge is now live, too. Go here to sign up. If that link doesn't work, try this one.

GROUP: BHGP Tournament Challenge
PASSWORD: hawkeye

Only one entry per player, please. Winner gets a BHGP shirt of his or her own choosing.

NOTE: Please see the OFFICIAL RULES for the contest here.