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Fran-Graphs, Michigan State

Too angry for words.

Horace E Cow


I'm still too mad to write about this game coherently, and anything I wrote would only come off as sour grapes and the biased rantings of an Iowa fan, so I'll just say two things:

  • Iowa played the best they have all season for the first 30 minutes of the game.
  • In one of the most brutally physical games I've seen all season, the Michigan State Spartans ended the second half with six fouls, one of which was given intentionally in the final minute.
In spite of the outcome, I was very proud of the way the team played, especially Melsahn Basabe, who held his own against two much bigger opponents. If this is the end of Iowa's NCAA hopes, it will be a bitter disappointment for a team that plays hard, smart and well.