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Winter is Coming: Iowa-Nebrasketball Game Pushed Back to Saturday

Go away, snow.

As first reported by Hawkeye Drive's Brendan Stiles, the Iowa-Nebraska men's basketball game originally scheduled for 8:00 pm CT on Thursday night has been postponed. The game will now take place on Saturday at 1:00 pm CT. Why the delay? Per Stiles:

The postponement is a direct result of Winter Storm Q, which is scheduled to hit the eastern part of Nebraska late Wednesday night and carry over into Iowa on Thursday. According to multiple weather outlets, Lincoln is scheduled to get up to 3 inches of snow late Wednesday and anywhere between 1-2 feet by the time the storm has passed through Thursday night.

So yeah: Lincoln is expected to get clobbered with snow late Wednesday night and through Thursday, which is likely to make travel to Lincoln a bit hazardous. The Iowa team itself probably could have headed to Lincoln early to beat the storm and been ready to play the game on Thursday night, but games don't just involve players and coaches -- there are officials, broadcasters, arena employees, and (oh yeah) fans to consider as well. In all, that's a lot of people that would potentially be traveling in unsafe conditions, which is why officials at Iowa and Nebraska opted to move the game back to Saturday.

At this point the big unknown is the television situation. Per Scott Dochterman at the Gazette:

The ESPN family of networks has a full booking that weekend, so it will not be able to carry the game. BTN spokeswoman Elizabeth Conlisk said the network is "exploring" whether or not it could air the game. Big Ten senior associate commissioner Mark Rudner said getting a television crew and the operations truck to Lincoln in a snowstorm could prove problematic.

Rudner's comments are a little confusing since the whole point of moving the game to Saturday is to avoid the snowstorm. The snow is supposed to die down after Thursday evening and presumably it will be less hazardous to travel to Lincoln on Friday and Saturday. In any event, we're talking about BTN and ESPN here, two multi-million dollar sports networks -- they really ought to be able to figure something out. Hell, we've seen them call games from Chicago before, so it wouldn't be the first time they had to have announcers call a game they weren't physically attending. And it's not as though this is getting dropped on them overnight, either; the decision was made on Tuesday afternoon, almost 96 hours before the new scheduled gametime. Finally, it's worth noting that there are no other scheduled B1G games for the men on Saturday, so you'd think at least some of BTN's broadcast talent for men's basketball would be available.

In any case, as soon as there's additional information about the TV situation, we'll pass it along. Meanwhile, I'm just gonna go on hating Q for making a big ol' mess out of things. I always thought he was a big jerkface to Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation; now he's using his godlike powers to mess with our weather. What an asshole.