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Behold! The Official BHGP Schedule Poster for the 2013-14 Iowa Hoops Season

Basketball seasons need schedules and schedules don't have to look boring and dumb.


Iowa basketball releases a schedule poster every year, which is handy for people who like poster-size schedules or schedules featuring their favorite squad of hoopyballers (two great tastes that taste even better together!).  Unfortunately, the creativity that goes into said posters has been a little... lacking in recent years.

We used to get schedule posters like this:



Or this:



Which was awesome.  These posters were creative, they were interesting, and they were fun.  (You can find even more examples over at FOTP storminspank's website, so go take a gander.)

Lately, we get posters like this:


Which... I mean, it gets the job done, I guess.  There's the schedule right there.  There's a handful of players.  And I guess someone fiddled around with some filters on Photoshop or something.  But... meh.

We can do better than this, Iowa.  We must do better than this.  Because an awesome Iowa basketball team demands an awesome Iowa basketball schedule poster.  And if the UI Athletic Department isn't going to provide us with one, well, then BHGP will fill the void.



(click to embiggen)

You're welcome.  GO IOWA AWESOME.

(And speaking of awesome... a hearty thank you to hawk6894 for his excellent work on the main image there.  Excellent work, sir.)