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Bracketology Update: January 16

Mmm, bubbles.

Iowa basketball is still in the bubble picture, so we're going to keep seeing where they stand with various bracketologists.

ESPN: Joe Lunardi (link)

LAST WEEK: First Four Out

THIS WEEK: First Four Out

No change for Iowa from a week ago, although two of the neighboring skills sharing the bubble with Iowa managed to improve their stock. Iowa State moved into "Last Four In" territory, while Wisconsin jumped into the fray as a 9-seed. Iowa's joined by Saint Louis, Saint Mary's and (Saint) Maryland on their particular corner of the bubble. This week's game with Wisconsin is crucial for boosting Iowa's own bubble resume, but also damaging Wisconsin's bubble resume.

Blogging the Bracket: Chris Dobbertean (link)

LAST WEEK: Next Four Out

THIS WEEK: "Also considered" (8th of 18 teams listed)

Despite that 20-point win over Northwestern, Dobbertean likes Iowa less than he did a week ago, dropping them from "Next Four Out" status to the ranks of the "Also considered." Those teams are listed in order, too, and Iowa checks in just 8th on that list, meaning that Iowa is effectively behind 15 other teams on Dobbertean's bubble. (For the record, he has Iowa State as a "Last Four In" team and Wisconsin as an 11-seed. Iowa will probably need to string together a few wins to make a dent on this bubble.

CBS: Jerry Palm (link)

LAST WEEK: Last Four In


When last we looked at Palm's projections, he had Iowa as a 12-seed, playing in one of the "First Four" games in Dayton. That projection was dated December 27th, though; since then, Iowa has gone 1-3 (albeit against strong competition, jNW aside) and they've tumbled out of the picture on his bracket. They're not listed as one of the "First Four Out," which is as far as his bracket shows. Iowa State replaces Iowa in the "Last Four In" field, while Wisconsin sits as a 10-seed.

College Sports Madness: USA Today (link)

LAST WEEK: 10-seed (vs. New Mexico)

THIS WEEK: 11-seed (vs. Cincinnati)

This bracket continues to love Iowa more than any other one, leaving Iowa in the field of 68, despite that recent 1-3 stretch. They're bumped down to an 11-seed from a 10-seed, but this is the only bracket to still have Iowa on the happy side of the bubble. It has Wisconsin as a 10-seed and Iowa State as one of the last four teams in and a participant in the "First Four" games in Dayton. Mind you, this bracket also has Kentucky and North Carolina as 5-seeds, even though pretty much every other bracket has them as bubble teams (and, in Kentucky's case, on the bad side of the bubble) at this point.

Bracketville (link)

LAST WEEK: First Five Teams Out

THIS WEEK: First Five Teams Out

No real change at Bracketville, although Iowa is the first-listed team among the "First Five Out" teams, suggesting that they're right outside the cut-off line. Iowa State sits directly behind them on the list of "First Five Out" teams, while Wisconsin is a 10-seed here.

The Hoops Report (link)

LAST WEEK: Last Four In

THIS WEEK: First Four Out

This bracket hadn't been updated since December 29 when we did this post a week ago, so it's no surprise to see Iowa on the outside looking in now; their current bracket was updated January 8, after Iowa was trashed by Michigan and lost to Indiana. Iowa State is a "Last Four In" team, while Wisconsin is a 10-seed.

Ultimately, not a lot of change for Iowa in their bubble situation. They've lost to the teams they were "supposed" to beat and they beat the one B1G team so far they "should" beat. Avoiding bad losses is good, but Iowa will need to pick up some good wins along the way, too. This week's game with Wisconsin offers a strong opportunity to do just that; let's hope the Hawkeyes can get the job done on Saturday.