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Iowa State vs. Iowa: Updated Vegas Line + Weather Forecast

We’re on the dry and bright side, but not in the UK

BBC Breakfast 40th anniversary Photo by Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images

El Assico. Hate Week. Hawks. Clones. Farm montages. ON FOX!

Weather Update

Week 1 saw Iowa, Utah State, fans...everyone associated with last week’s game looked ready to get the hell out of Kinnick Stadium and away from the Sun that baked everything in sight as soon as possible. That truly looked like an uncomfortable experience. Having been in Kinnick for some of those early season games going back to the late 80s/early 90s - I mentioned the 1991 Hawaii game in the Morning After; similarly hot day though Iowa dropped the hammer on the Rainbow Warriors - it can be a pretty dreadful experience.

We will get none of that this week at Jack Trice Stadium. Look at this beauty of a forecast:

If you plan on being in Ames, have fun, enjoy the tailgating around Jack Trice - if there is one thing they have in Ames, it’s an abundance of space for tailgating - and avoid the Secret Service areas, who will have a presence in Ames as a former President has been invited to the game (NO POLITICS). That could make it difficult getting in and out of the area around Jack Trice, an area that’s already difficult to navigate on game day.

Vegas Movement

Originally, the line for this game was ever so slightly in Iowa State’s favor. The Cyclones were in that 1 to 1.5-point favorite range. Not a huge favorite, but still an ever so slight lean to the the Clones.

Then rumors of gambling by athletes at both schools turned into real investigations, which turned into charges against players at both schools, which turned into suspensions when this all eventually got to the NCAA’s door. Iowa took a few hits, but nothing compared to Iowa State and the loss of multiple starters. The line has gone from a slight Iowa State lean over the summer to Iowa as a favorite away from home. The line has hovered between 4 and 4.5, and as of Friday morning had settled back at Iowa -4.

Line: Iowa -4 (-110/-110)
Moneyline: Iowa -185/Iowa State +154
Over/Under: 36.5 (-110/-110)

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.