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Monday Morning Musings: Broken

I’m broken.

Iowa v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

I’m broken.

“I can promise you this is not a reflection of our team...I can promise you that we will be fueled and motivated for the rest of the season. But we have to get better after today.” - Cade McNamara.

I’m broken.

“Penn State had run 92 plays. Iowa had run 28 and has two first down tonight. 61 yards of total offense to 381 for the Nittany Lions.” - Tom Kakert.

I’m broken.

“We’re not going to create a new playbook, is that what you’re suggesting? I’m not a wholesale believer in changing just because you had a bad game. It was nota good game tonight. I think we made progress in three weeks. Tonight was disappointing. We played a really good football team. We’ll keep it in perspective. We’ll evaluate things over the course of 12 games. We’ve got eight to play. We’re not just going to start over again in any phase.” - Kirk Ferentz.

I’m broken.

Iowa had the same number of turnovers as first downs (four)

Penn State scored just two fewer points than Iowa had offensive plays (31 to 33)

Penn State had more rushing attempts (57) than Iowa had passing yards (56)

Iowa’s total rushing yards (20) were nearly matched on one rush by Penn State running back Nicholas Singleton (19 yard long)

Iowa had six total fumbles (four lost)

Penn State QB Drew Allar nearly had as many passing attempts (37) as Iowa QB Cade McNamara had passing yards

Iowa posted a total of 20 rushing yards on 17 attempts

- Jeff Smith, Sports Illustrated

I’m broken.

“Iowa’s WRs have 14 total catches this season through four games” - David Eickholt

I’m broken.

“Since beating Penn State in 2021, the Hawkeyes have gone 15-10 with no signature wins and seven losses by a combined 225-58.” - Chad Leistikow.


This is not one game. This is not one week. This is negligence of the highest order. Pretending otherwise is a slap in the face to every single fan and current/former coach and player of this program. How anyone can go up to that podium fully knowing their own son (who is playing dress up as an offensive coordinator at this point) has a clause in their contract to score points because of how pathetic his offense has become over the last several years and say what he said is beyond baffling. It’s beyond reproach.

It’s sickening.

I’m online. I know many many Hawkeye fans. You know what’s funny, Kirk? Nobody is demanding a new playbook in the middle of the season because we know it wont work anyways. We just want what we had under you for so long! We don’t DEMAND a new playbook. We don’t DEMAND anything. We just want average Iowa offensive football.

But whatever you, your son, and the offensive coaching staff have coached, developed, schemed and recruited for is no longer good enough to get by. It is no longer acceptable and for you to tell all of us that you’ve made PROGRESS is nothing more than snake oil.

There hasn’t been progress in 3 years. If there had been... your son wouldn’t have his stupid contract.

I’ve bent my own will the last several years like I’m a Phil Parker defense. I’ve convinced myself time and time again that it’s all going to just fold into place. But I’m broken now. You finally broke me. There is no amount of folding or squinting or hoping or transfers that is going to turn this offensive gameplan around until changes are made at the tippy top.

I love you Kirk, but you’re letting an entire phase of football fall to the wayside while you lean heavily on two units that are premier in college football. Over what? Your son who clearly cannot perform his job? You are keeping him where he is. That’s on you!

And how dare you point your finger at “team football” as the reason for that embarrassing loss. If I was Phil Parker or LeVar Woods I’d be irate.

Yet another slap in the face.

As one of the SpoCo boys put it this weekend, “Iowa’s floor is so so so low and their ceiling is average at best” will never leave my brain now. There is ZERO reason why you as the 20 year head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes cannot recruit AND develop the best offensive lineman in the country to AT MINIMUM take some effing pride in running the football consistently enough that it opens up your play action passing game. Zero reason. The pipeline to the NFL should get those kids into this program without you even having to try.

And again, that’s at minimum. As mentioned above, this entire fanbase would be ecstatic over utilizing a beefy offensive line that can run the shit out of the ball. You want to talk about complimentary football? That’s it! That’s how you do it. That’s how you help your defense. Give ‘em an effing blow on the sideline after they just ONCE again bailed you out. Maul some people and take some time off the clock, flip the field and when it really gets rolling, score some points.

We would give you a standing ovation for literally JUST that.

Not this cockamamie offense that doesn’t work and is apparently too difficult to understand for players like Kaleb Brown to even see the field.

Instead, here we are unable to move the ball through the air or on the ground AGAIN while simultaneously hoping your defense and special teams score for you. How many times have we all read the Scott Dochterman paragraph where he explains how inept this team has been on the ground? 50 times in the last 3 years minimum? This is an ongoing problem. But instead of owning it, you’re telling us “that’s football” again?

This is not just another team loss. NO IT IS NOT. NOT IT IS NOT. NOT IT IS NOT. No defense in the country could have withstood what Penn State did on Saturday night IN PRIMETIME without a little help from their friends on offense.

Shame on you.

I’m broken and I’m done trying to portray confidence about your offensive gameplans or your son. I’m tired of coming on here every Monday and trying to convince myself that I saw changes. If you don’t care about upgrading an entire phase of football, well then it might be time you hung up the whistle and gave the program over to someone that does...

...and I hate how bad even writing that sentence makes me feel.

But... I’m broken. Just like your offense.

Now onto the only musing I have this stupid week:

  1. James Franklin wore a really dumb hat.