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Frenemies: Favorite BB Players From Each B1G Team

We love our Hawks. Who are your favorite non-Hawks?

Big Dog was as good as I’ve seen

I did this a while back with my favorite non-Hawkeye B1G football players. I don’t typically care for too many players that play for the bad guys, but through the years - I’ve been a B1G fan since 1980 - there have been some players who deserve a tip of the cap.

Illinois - This one was pretty tough. Illinois has had some excellent players, but I’m not a fan of Illinois basketball. I don’t dislike Stephen Bardo when he is announcing, and he was an excellent player. I will give the nod to Dee Brown (2002-06). Brown scored 1812 points, collected 674 assists, and 231 steals.

Indiana - Indiana has been an elite team in the B1G. They have had some serious ballplayers. Isaiah Thomas was something else. I would have gone with Steve Alford not too many years ago, but... nope. I’m going with AJ Guyton. Guyton played from 1997-2000. Guyton was silky smooth in everything he did. Guyton scored 2100 points, had 403 assists, and shot 41% from deep. Also, a bonus, AJ’s daughter (Aaliah Guyton) is a future Hawk. She can flat-out play!

Maryland - Lenny Bias. He was a DUDE. I remember where I was (at basketball practice in high school) when I found out he passed away. Bias would have been a champion alongside Larry Bird with the Celtics. Bias scored 2149 points (16.4). It’s a shame he wasn’t able to live a long life (and also play hoops).

Lenny Bias and Jordan

Michigan State - It’s Magic, baby. All day. Every day. As a young ball player, Magic Johnson was the guy we wanted to be. He was cool as heck. He also was a unicorn for the time. He was basically a center (size-wise) with point-guard skills. Earvin averaged 17.1 ppg in his two years in college.

Magic changed the game

Michigan - Glen Rice was one of the best scorers I have ever seen. He scored 2442 (18.2) points from 1985-89. A runner-up would be Antoine Joubert. Didn’t really like the guy, but his name was an all-timer.

Minnesota - This one was pretty easy. Bobby Jackson was a dominant guard. Bobby Jackson and his long socks were a handful. He brought it on both ends of the floor. Jackson averaged 14.4 points per game from 1995-97. Too bad Bobby’s Final Four never even happened.

Nebraska - I had a hard time finding anyone. Nebraska plays basketball? Then I remembered Andre Woolridge started out at Nebby in 1992-93. He averaged 4.9 points and then realized he was in Nebraska. He transferred to the good guys and became a one-man wrecking ball at Iowa.

Northwestern - Shon Morris was a player for the Wildcats (and a good announcer), but I have to go with John Shurna. Shurna played from 2008-12. He scored 2038 points (15.7). He looked like someone’s little brother, but he was a bucket.

Ohio State - Jimmy Jackson looked like he was ahead of his time. He was a big, athletic, skilled ballplayer. He was good at everything. He played from 1989-92. Jackson scored 1785 points, 552 rebounds, and 372 assists.

Penn State - He was more of a defensive guy, but I was a big Calvin Booth fan. Booth played from 1995-99. He scored 1288 points (11.3), grabbed 728 rebounds (6.4), and blocked 428 shots (3.8). He affected as many shots a game as he blocked.

Booth erased shots

Purdue - Glenn Big Dog Robinson is my favorite non-Hawkeye basketball player. He was insanely good. He played from 1992-94. In just two years he scored 1706 points (27.5). If I needed a bucket, he’d be my guy. I should look back to see how he did against my Hawks, but it may give me PTSD. He did whatever he wanted.

Rutgers - Does Rutgers even count as a Big Ten member? Meh. Ron Harper Jr.

Wisconsin - I respected Bo Ryan. I didn’t like Bo Ryan. The program that Brad Davison played for doesn’t really deserve to have a favorite anything. I went back to my Andre Wooldridge thinking for this one. Jarrod Uthoff began his career at Bucky and then came to his senses.

So there you have it, Hawk fans. If you had to come up with an all-B1G hoops team, who would you include? I would think that Chris Street would be at the top of most opposing fan lists for favorite Hawkeyes. Keegan Murray. Luka Garza.

As always, it’s great to be a Hawkeye. Go Hawks!