Hope in the Nose Bleeds: The New York Hawkeyes

In all honesty I don't have much to talk about.

The game against Northwestern was a slog, just like every other game we play. Deacon overthrew most of the receivers except for a few extremely good passes, the defense was awesome as always, and Cooper DeJean went in on offense. We won. Not much else to say. Sidenote: If I hear another person say "put Coop in as QB" I'm gonna hurl.

I digress. As a fan of both college and professional sports, I haven't been able to help myself from drawing comparisons to my favorite college team and my favorite team in the big league, the New York Jets. Ah, the New York Jets. It's a hard life to be a fan of both teams, what with the constant disappointment and underperforming, but I still haven't been deterred yet. There's something beautiful in consistently rooting for the underdog. (Hey, at least the Jets have won a superbowl).

Recently, as the NFL trudges along while the CFB season winds down and comes to an end, I've noticed massive similarities between the same ol' Jets and the Hawks, so I thought it'd be fun to put them down in a short edition of the fanpost.


Zach Wilson = Cade McNamara pre-injury

If you know anything about the Jets you know this statement is likely controversial. Zach Wilson is hands down the most hated player on the Jets and has been for the past three years (save for maybe Dalvin Cook) but it's undeniable that both Cade and Zach have massive amounts of talent. The problem winds down to the inability to adapt to a horrendous o-line and terrible offense scheme. Whether it's Hackett or LaFleur, it doesn't matter. The Jets and the Hawks need to step it up at QB, but most of that improvement comes from creating a better system for said QB.

Cade McNamara post-injury = Aaron Rodgers

Being hailed as the savior of a franchise is a major ego boost I'm sure, but both Cade and Rodgers had their seasons cut short but horrifying injures, both as a result of a bad offensive line. Aaron went down a little faster than Cade (almost a 20 year difference will do that), but still, the hope in us fans seemed to die almost instantly the moment they both went down and didn't get up.

Joe Labas = Any Jets back-up QB ever

The phrase "The most popular player on the team is the back-up QB" is so true it makes me want to cry. The moment a bad pass flies through the air every fan wants the QB benched for the back-up. The back-up will then trot on the field, play one or two good games, then remind everyone why they're the back-up. Now, to be fair to Labas, he hasn't been given his few games. From the game we did see, he played well, and I'm happy for him and would love to see him on the field. However, I'd much rather see him behind an o-line that knows what the hell it's doing. Remember, Deacon Hill isn't the sole reason the offense is struggling, and changing out QBs won't fix it. We saw that with Petras and Padilla, I pray we won't see it with Hill and Labas.

Defense = Defense

The Jets have the best defense in the NFL and the Hawks have the best defense in the FBS. Plain and simple. Castro and DeJean look a LOT like Gardner and Hall out there, and the d-line SCREAMS Quinnen and Quincy Williams. The no fly zone extends to aviators and the avian alike.

Ragaini = CJ Uzomah

I know it's probably a stretch to compare a WR to a TE, but Ragaini has the same gumption and pure will that exemplifies who CJ Uzomah is. They're both beasts and I love them with all my heart.

KJ = Breece

This is more just me personally loving big strong RBs that can plow through a d-line and run 89 yards in 10 seconds for a touchdown on 2nd and 3. KJ will play on sundays and it will be glorious.

All in all, the Hawkeyes and the Jets have some of the most talented players in football that are underperforming largely due to coach ineptitude and a disgustingly bad offense (largely in the offensive line). They are both prime examples that you cannot win games without a strong o-line. Defense wins championships, but offense gets you to the championship in the first place, and offense can't function without an offensive line.

As always, swarm baby swarm.

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