Hope in the Nose Bleeds: Damn The Torpedoes

It's going to happen.

I know you're sitting there reading this with the same outlook on this game as everyone else. You hope that Iowa might just pull out a win, but in reality, they'll get blown out and end the season going to a high class bowl. It's been a great season, what more could you ask for? Against all odds we finished the season ranked, along with the firing of Brian Ferentz and a third B1G championship appearance. That's enough, isn't it?

It's not enough.

It's not over until we win. We have the talent, we have the ability, we have a chance. WE HAVE A CHANCE. We are all hawkeyes here, aren't we? We all BLEED black and gold. And you're all giving up before the game has even happened? No-one believes in this team? You're telling me you don't believe in Tory Taylor, or Coop, or Castro, or Williams, or KJ, or Hurkett? You don't believe in any of them?

I believe in them. Now more than ever. Is a win likely? No. The odds are against us. But this team prevails when everything is stacked against us. When Cade went out, how many of you thought we'd be hardpressed to even win another game this season? When All went down, how many of you sat there saying "Ostrenga can't do it, and Hill can't either." Look at us now. 10-2. 11-1, in reality. Are you really going to quit on this team now? We've been through hell and back, and you're aren't even giving the team a chance?

I believe. I believe in Taylor, I believe in Coop, Castro, Williams, KJ, Stevens, Meeder, Ostrenga, Ragaini, Hurkett, Evans, Feth, and Brown. Hell, I believe in Hamburger Hill. I believe. Because I'm a hawkeye, and that's what we do.

We believe.

Let's own the entire state of Michigan.

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