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Nebraska vs. Iowa: Betting Line Movement + Updated Lincoln Weather

Will anyone score on Black Friday?

Maryland v Nebraska
Nightmare fuel
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Hawk fans! I hope you all get to gorge yourselves on good food, drink, and a feast of football!

Weather Update

I wish I had a better forecast, but after multiple weeks of superb November weather for Rutgers and Illinois, our luck has run out as the Hawks head west on I-80.

If you’re headed to Lincoln, bundle up. It will be cold, with temps hovering in the high 20s to low 30s all day. At least you miss the snow that will hit my neck of the woods on Black Friday? It’s a cold morning for tailgating too - temps will not get out of the 20s throughout the morning.

Line Movement

We are back setting records! Iowa started the week as a 1-point favorite in Lincoln, courtesy of our beautiful friends at Draft Kings. That line has since shifted toward the Huskers, who now hold as a 2.5-point favorite as of writing.

Most important is the over/under. WOW. A record again. The over/under started at 27.5 and has since plummeted to a staggering 25. TWENTY-FIVE. You always know what to do with these over/under numbers. With these two catastrophic offenses going against two good defenses plus shoddy weather, clearing 25 would be a surprise. But I’m a little wary. If there’s one thing I’m looking for, it’s Nebraska’s offense and their almost-unbelievable propensity to turn the ball over. While Nebraska’s defense has been good all year save two games (Michigan and Colorado, before the Buffs veered into a ditch) and from my limited viewing they’ve largely eradicated the head-scratching penalties, it’s the offense that’s a mess. They’ve put the ball on the ground 28 times this season (lost 13) and they’ve thrown 15 interceptions. At some point, the turnover luck shifts Iowa’s way and that day is Friday. If it does and Iowa’s offense gets several short porches, it’s the one thing that gives me pause with 25. Under, for sure, but beware the Nebraska turnover bug that makes you sweat it out.

Line: Iowa +2.5 (-115/-105)
Moneyline: Iowa +120/Nebraska -142
Over/Under: 25 (-110/-110)

All lines courtesy DraftKings Sportsbook.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.