Hope in the Nose Bleeds: Silver Linings

I'd say good evening but I'm sure most of you are still on edge.

That was a rough game. More than rough, really. I have a million negative things to say, and I will air out a few, but as the aim of my writing is to inspire the tired folks of the Hawkeye community, I won't focus on the bad.

So I'll get it out of the way in three short points:

1. That was not a fair catch. Bad call, ruined game.

2. Deacon Hill did not play a good game, whether that's due to his personal inaccuracy or Brian Ferentz' complete inability to coach a quarterback, I don't know. But, regardless, it was bad.

3. Brian Ferentz needs to be fired, and so does Kirk. Kirk has been coach since long before I was even born. He needs to go. Under the Ferentz's, Iowa has managed to lead what is quite literally the WORST offense in the entire state of Iowa. To support my point, here are all the teams that post better offensive stats in the NCAA, NAIA, and JUCO

Iowa State
Northern Iowa (FCS)
Drake (FCS)
Upper Iowa (DII)
Coe College (DIII)
Cornell College (DIII)
Grinnell University (DIII)
Northwestern University (NAIA)
Iowa Western (JUCO)

The only team of note that we outperform is LUTHER.

The silver linings:

Brian is out. It's that simple. This loss is the final straw, and both Kirk and Brian know it. That's why they're only putting the players out for interviews. They're hiding like cowards because they know the entire state of Iowa if not the entire country (thank you Pat McAfee) wants them out. Brian isn't making the point total, and hell I would be surprised if Iowa finishes this year with 7 wins.


I know it sounds ass backwards but, frankly, it's a good thing we're going to lose. The more losses on the record, the more pressure on Kirk and Brian, the more likely they'll be fired, the more likely good coaches and assistant coaches want to take over due to the opportunity to rebuild a normally exceptional college football program, and infinitely better recruiting.

As painful as it is, and as weird as it sounds, I genuinely hope we don't win the next few games. I hope Northwestern blows us out and I hope we lose the bowl game in disastrous fashion. The worse this team does, the better it will be. Hope for this season is gone, and we need to focus on next year. It's time we swallow our bitter medicine and focus on the future of the franchise. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, after all.

As always, Swarm baby Swarm.

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