Hope in the Nose Bleeds: Badgerhawk


I know it seems bleak. I know that it seems impossible to beat this Wisconsin team. I know everyone except the kicker predicted us to lose. I know that faith in Freaky Deacy is at an all time low after the incompletions last game, which I will maintain were because of the fact that the game was his first collegiate start, at home, for a power-5 team. Kinnick isn't some small arena, there were a lot of cheering fans expecting good football. That's a ton of pressure to put on a kid. Especially a backup QB.

But regardless, I think we have this game. 110%. Wisconsin hasn't played anybody. Buffalo? Oklahoma State? Georgia Southern? I mean, come on guys. Have a little faith. Wisconsin's only loss comes from a game against Washington State, which is a great team, but that's the only game to note in any regard. The badgers have only snuck by the other teams they've played, teams that pale in comparison to the squads Iowa has beaten. Utah State might compare to the likes of Buffalo, but Wisconsin would have trouble against Michigan State or even Iowa State.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Little Hawk's prediction: Iowa 21, Wisconsin 10.

Iowa's defense is stout enough to hold the badgers and their QB to no more than a field goal and a touchdown given up in the 4th quarter. Deacon will bounce back from his bad play, and the Hawks will move on to 6-1.


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